Friday, June 13, 2008

Some Updates

Prompted by David Lybrand, a fellow Key West blogger (BCCLT, Last Stand) I "tuned up" the list of Key West blog links on The Real Key West blog (over on the right), and added two new blogs to the list. David is the blog-meister for Last Stand a local environmental organization with a track record for "making rain" (when necessary) on matters relating to protection of the Florida Keys from inappropriate development. David has also taken up editing responsibilities for the blog of the Bahama Conch Community Land Trust. He is an active member of both organizations, serving on the board of Last Stand.

So, there's a link here now for Last Stand's blog and their web site. I also added a link to a new blog, called simply, "Key West: the Blog", in an exchange of links. Arthur Winstanley, the author, is also a photographer and, from the pictures I see on the blog, a pretty good one.

The roll of Key West blogs keeps growing and I'm happy to point to them from here.

A recent commenter on my post, Pessimists or Realists, OSSweetie, doesn't share my enthusiasm for Key West. She isn't a voluntary resident and her complaints come from her particular situation, so are valid for her and perhaps for her family. Her closing comment is one that I agree with to an extent: I think the city needs to think about the people who actually live here. Key West is expensive and not even worth it.

UPDATE: Except for the "worth it" part. That I disagree with. Completely.

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