Sunday, August 17, 2008

Two Old Men and the Sea II

Our intrepid mariners have been making good progress since our last report. They are currently in day 19 today, and are cruising the Intra-coastal Waterway from Brunswick, GA.

Picking up from where we left off in the last post and trying to catch up:

DAY 5 – August 3 2008

Milford City Docks certainly was beautiful, probably the nicest stop we’ve had yet. Walked into town and got my FIRST Dunkin Donuts in 4 days. Jay got some butter for our breakfest today of scrambled eggs and SPAM. Coffee is wonderful this morning and looking forward to our breakfest. AMP Hrs 250 & switched to tank # 9 for fuel.
NOTE: Met Bob at the docks and Jay invited him on board for a RUM. It ended up two and talk was lively. We put him on our email listing.

Trip through Long Island Sound was great. Not much traffic and current held up close to 8.5 knots. We entered the East River near some old prison ( Not Rikers ). The Throngs Neck Bridge was awesome to see. Buildings in NYC towered above use on the starboard side (right) and were impressive. Let me tell you that Hell’s Gate isn’t all it’s cracked up to be or we hit it just right. We did hit the tide right and average SOG (Speed Over Ground) was 10.5 knots. The Day Cruise Crowd was not water polite and large waves in passing were common. BUT - leaving the East River where the Hudson joins was an event I don’t want to repeat unless necessary. Currents and waves were terrible, slamming use around like a twig. Plus, NYC Water Taxi’s and Staten Island Ferries were quite numerous. A bright spot was making a turn and appearing in front of us was the Statue of Liberty. What a sight. Then down to the Verrazano Bridge passed above us and we headed into the NY Lower Harbor heading to New Jersey.

Sandy Hook, Horseshoe Cove was about 30 minutes away and it was near 3pm. A quick look at the charts and we decided to use our Piloting skills and go on to Manasquam Inlet down the coast. We figured 25s - 30 miles and an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival of 1845 (6:45pm).
Right now it’s 1818 and we turned to 243 magnetic to the entrance to the Inlet. It’s about .854 miles. Better get ready to spot buoys.

Docked at 18.50 - I estimated 18:45 so I loose points. Hoffmans Marina, a new Marina and very nice. They are leaving showers and fresh up rooms open for us tonight and Dockmaster will arrive at 05:30 with coffees for us.
I can’t tell you how enjoyable the trip is so far and I know it’s a whole new adventure tomorrow.

TOTAL MILES – 111.0 and time of 11 hours 25 mins - So using 60 D ST we averaged 9.6 knots. Tomorrow
DAY 6 – August 4 2008

0636 - Leaving dock at Hoffmans Marina, Manasquan, NJ. Going to go out and use the sea route as the day promises to be beautiful with light winds and sunny.

10:07 - Passing Little Leg Harbor off NJ. Seas 1 foot and skies clear. Making 8.3 knots. Just spotted a group of dolphins chasing food. Missed them on camera because they were close and swimming fast past us.

11:00 Great Bay ??? Is off to Starboard. Speed 8.0 knots and less than an hour to waypoint off Little Egg Inlet. Never try to type on a boat, even in light seas.

12:00 Atlantic City off the bow. Skyscrapers visible clearly. Life Is Good. 13:05 Casinos off the Stbd Beam about 1 mile. Can smell the money.

18:00 Docked at Utches Marina. Tight entrance and bow in dock.

TOTAL MILES – 92.4 and time of 11: hours 25 mins - So using 60 D ST we averaged 7.9 knots.


Guess this is the actual day 6 since we departed on a Wednesday huh ? Adjust your logs. LOL

0700 - Slept late after long day. Into town to WaWa’s for provisions. Jay got some diesel stabilize as he changed filters yesterday.
Also got an O-ring for fuel tank. Breakfest in town and now going to get some fuel and depart into the Delaware Bay to transit to the C&D Canal.

1050 - Departed Utches Marina and up into Cape May Canal and arrived at 11:30 - Skies clear, bay calm. Ahh, this is a BIG BAY. Also, there are a lot of groups (pods) of Dolphins all over. Light haze and clouds to South and West.
Approaching Miah Maull Shoal waypoint at !3:20 (pic dsc.177.jpg)

13:55 opening engine compartment door as water temp here is 87.2 degrees and extremely muggy. Down to shorts and bare feet. We have seen huge,
and I mean HUGE schools of Pogey or Bunker Fish stretching for miles. Crse change to 348 to QR 4 waypoint.

17:05 Only about 5.75 nm to the C&D Canal entrance. Large push tug to starboard and freighter coming down Bay.
We entered the Canal at 17:40 - Heading for Chesapeake City for shut down at anchorage or mooring which are supposed to be free.

19:10 Chesapeake City Inlet. Going to try for City Dock for a docking.
Anchored in City Docks. New experience.

Total Hours: 8:30 mIn - Miles logged 66.5

DAY 8 – August 6 2008

06:55 - Anchor up, washed and secured. 0700 departed Chesapeake City Inlet. Weather overcast but cooler than yesterday. BIG Boat in Canal. BIG. This narrow run is choppy with waves 1 foot to entrance to the head of the Chesapeake Bay. Good weather report from Bill about 0745.

12:00 - Out in the middle of Chesapeake Bay, south westerly winds and seas about 1-2 feet (rolly-polly). From the Red ‘8’ we’ll make a long leg of approx 9 to 10 miles to the William P. Lane Bridges.

15:00 - Lower Chesapeake Bay, Annapolis long behind us. We’ve called and got docking at Patuxent Naval Air Station. Hope they have ice for our RUM. OUCH T-Storm approaching from East. Weather says it’s traveling SE at 27 knots. Jay turning to East and avoid it. A little delay and thank you Betty for seeing it and giving us info.

20:29 Due to storm delayed. Docked now at NAS Patuxent. Too long a day. Phew

TOTAL MILES – 93.5 and time of 13 hours 25 mins - 60 D ST we averaged 6.9 knots due to storm.

DAY 9 – August 7 2008

So I missed a day. Let’s blame it on the medications or RUM, you’re choice. Thanks Bill.

06:55 Up with a sunny sky. Have to wait for pump out so will be here a bit. No-one shows up so we do it ourselves.

12:00 doing great, now near Smith Point Horn off Maryland shore averaging 8 knots with following sea.
Overcast & couple of Navy Frigates near marked bombing ranges.

After initialing deciding not to try for Norfolk, we estimated distances, speed and decided to shoot for it.
Going to be late but Security is notified of our arrival for ID check so we’re going for the money.
Last leg plotted into Little Creek where the restricted docking area is.

You got to be kidding me. Entering Norfolk at night is an experience. Navy Hovercraft buzzing around and entering Little Creek was like trying to get into Fort Knox. ID Check and then we had Harbor Security Boat give us directions but with bright lights and security lights we were suddenly cut off at the bow by a CG Security Boat asking who we were and how did we get in here. We called Harbor Security and they came over and CG accepted and then left. The Security Boat then escorted us to a T Dock which we would still be looking for tomorrow morning. So many warships around and jets landing is going to make this an interesting night. Tomorrow, the entrance lock to the ICW is calling our name.
TOTAL MILES – 113 and time of 14 hours 30 mins - 60 D ST we averaged 7.7 knots
NOTE: Plan better for anything but NIGHT entrance to unfamiliar territory.

DAY 10 – August 8 2008
12:32 - Spent the morning at Commissary and BX/PX with my ID card for provisions and STUFF, especially RUM. SPAM stock is sufficient until Georgia at least. Leaving Little Creek we hit 4 to 6 foot seas driven by a north wind. Slow all the way into Elizabeth River. Saw 4 Aircraft Carriers and countless warships. Jordan Bridge heavy traffic and we’ll have to wait here on anchor. 17:15 Gilmerton Bridge down, wait until 17:30. 18:30 in the Great Bridge Lock. Waiting for lift and exit to Great Bridge at approximately 1900. We’ll take 1st Marina after Great Bridge.

NOTE: Key West 1236 Miles - Boston is 717 miles away. Seems like yesterday.

19:00 - Free docking just before Great Bridge so Jay says tie up for the night. Just the other side of the Great Bridge. Lock, now for some RUM Rib Eye Steaks and did I say RUM.
TOTAL MILES – 35 miles and time of 6 hours 22 mins - 60 D ST we averaged 5.02 knots due to storm.

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