Saturday, August 16, 2008


Our little Susie is here and she's all over me about "you really ought to post something in your blog, Dad", so I guess I really ought to.

Susan (we haven't ever called her Susie, only Susan or Sue or sometimes Sue-baru) and her husband Rick are visiting us from Austin, TX and we've been enjoying their visit. We went to Schooner Wharf with them on Thursday night, the day they arrived, and heard the Unpaid Bar Tabs for the first time in quite a long while. Last night we met up with some of the people who congregate for happy hour Friday afternoon at the Conch Republic Seafood Company. Susan participates in their forums, "It's Only Key West" and "Key West Spirit", and also on the Key West forum at Trip Advisor.

Later, we went to the Ocean Key House and had dinner at the Hot Tin Roof restaurant there. Janet and I were there a few months ago and found it disappointing then, but this time everything was first class. Our server, Joseph, was attentive but never obsequious or intrusive. He was also Rick and Susan's server at Red Fish/Blue Fish earlier in the day, easily making the transition from the more casual style of RF/BF to the more formal atmosphere of HTR. At the end of our meal I asked him where he had trained for his profession. He told me that he learned the art of service when he was a young man from a maitre d' who began his career in the restaurant of the historic Blackstone Hotel in Chicago in 1929.

The rest of the family are off doing tourist things on bicycles while I staff the Gallery, despite the nearly complete lack of customers even coming to the door. The weather is August hot and humid. Makes it easy to kick back at the beach or by a pool, or to be inside somewhere that's air-conditioned.

We're keeping an eye on tropical storm Fay which, if it comes this way, should arrive between Monday night and Tuesday morning. Janet, somewhat perversely, told Susan that she hoped there'd be a hurricane while they visited so they could see what it's like. Careful what you wish for .....
In the 11 AM update today the projected track shifted slightly east to cross the Keys over Marathon rather than directly over Key West. At three days out, though, the "cone of terror" is pretty wide, so pretty much anything could happen. The 11 AM update also show a high probability of tropical storm winds and an inversely low probability of hurricane winds.

Meanwhile, we'll continue to enjoy the company and the activity (ies), such as Raven and Bubba at the Green Parrot tomorrow afternoon and, maybe, a set or two by Joey Gilmore there tonight.

There, Susan!

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