Sunday, January 18, 2009

Inaugural Déjà Vu

The impending inauguration of Barack Obama as the 45th President of the United States brings to mind January 20, 1977. It was a bitter cold day in Washington and we were there for the inauguration of James Earl (Jimmy) Carter as the 40th person to hold that office.

We were staying at my uncle's home in suburban Maryland. He drove us -- Janet, our daughters Betty Anne and Susan, and me -- into D.C. and let us off on Pennsylvania Avenue near the FBI building, between the Capitol and the White House. We didn't have tickets for the inauguration itself, so we decided to wait for the parade where we were. The sidewalks were already crowded, but we managed to be curbside, in a good viewing location. The sun, after a time, began to take the frigid chill away. Now it was merely cold. There had been snow

There was a good feeling on the street. People were talking to each other, telling each other where they were from, and speaking of the hope that "Jimmy" would bring good things out of the failings of the Nixon years and the scandal that was called Watergate.

It's likely to be cold again on January 20th in Washington, the lingering aftermath of the Alberta Clipper, or as I know it, the Montreal Express, that now grips the nation in icy clutches. No doubt there will be similar feelings of hope and optimism among those gathered for the current inauguration.

The real work will begin once the excitement of the inauguration dies away.  I have hope again.  And hope that Obama has more success than Carter did.


Anonymous said...

Obama is the 44th President...not the 45th.

Gary Thomas said...

Yeah, I caught it too.

I'm optimistic the Obama will succeed and I'm more than willing to give him the time he needs. I wish the talking heads on CNN & MSNBC would shut up and quit trying to create controversy and let the guy get to work.

Scott said...

Being a Georgian I love Carter. I wish he could have done all the good things his good heart wanted to do.

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