Friday, January 02, 2009

Moving on

We're blessed this week by a visit from three of my four brothers and their wives for several days. It's always good to spend time with my family, and we've had a great time so far. I hope that my other brother and two sisters will be able to make it down sometime this year.

We're in the midst of moving from our place on Ann St. to new digs on South St. (Oddly enough, we are just a block away from the first place that we lived when we arrived here in 1999.) The notable difference here so far is the quiet. As I sit here on the porch early this Friday morning, the only sound I hear is the wind in the trees. Occasionally a car passes, but that's it. While it was hardly ever really noisy on Ann St., there was always an undercurrent of noise from Duval Street and its environs. We'll miss being downtown and in walking distance of the amenities thereof, but on a two-mile by four-mile island, nothing will be very far away.

It's all part of the wheel of life.


Anonymous said...

Another big hop across Old Town. Points on Thomas, Ann and South make a pretty large triangle over this end of the Island.

Looks like the three-wheeler will be getting a pretty good work-out henceforth....

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob - happy new year! I'm so sorry to learn that you're moving from Ann Street, though. And I bet that Doreen is also sad to let you go. I hope South Street gives you and Janet happy times, and I look forward to calling by when I'm next in town.

Best as always, Belinda

ScottA1A said...

Hey Bob - I've been a reader of yours for quite a while and enjoy the intimate looks from inside Key West! My wife and I have been hooked by the lure and are planning our next trip down in May.

Thanks for keeping your blog up to date and so interesting!

Scott in St. Louis

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