Sunday, April 26, 2009

Breakfast at the Deli

It's back, after a fashion. There's a new restaurant in place at the location of the late, lamented Deli Restaurant at the corner of Truman Avenue and Simonton Street, right across the street from the plaza where CVS is located, downtown.

It's now called Eat n' Grinn at the Deli, and it isn't the Deli we all remember. John and Barbara, co-owners and mates, opened the Eat 'n Grinn Barbecue store at the corner of Eaton Street (#930) and Grinnell Street (EATon 'n GRINNel, get it) last October.
Last month, they leased a portion of the Deli building and began serving barbecue there as well. Last week, they began serving breakfast. It's not the same as the old Deli, but it's a decent place to have an inexpensive breakfast. Overlook the styrofoam plates and cups, the plastic utensils, and the bench style tables, and focus on eggs and toast for under $4, or breakfast with meat for under $7. you can also order oatmeal (homemade), cold cereals, and a variety of pastries. There are plans to upgrade the tabeware and to enlarge the menu.

Here's what a visitor had to say after a recent visit to the original Eat 'n Grinn:
We found a great little Bar-B-Que place named Eat 'n Grinn and, of course, Barb's smile caused us to come back a few times during our visit here.

There wasn't anyone eating when we arrived at around 8 AM. The greeting was prompt and friendly. Our server (Gen?) looked familiar but we couldn't peg where we know her from. She works or worked at Blue Heaven and other places around. Both John and Barbara came by to say hi and thanked us for coming in. He said that they did great business yesterday with lots of former Deli customers coming by to see what's going on. They seem like nice people, real friendly.

Barbara said that Bobby, the long-time owner of the Deli, gave her the recipe for their biscuits and gravy, and for his grits. The rest is pretty much standard fare, though limited to many fewer choices than the Deli. She said that the whole thing is a work in progress and that they expect to enlarge the menu once they figure out how it's all going to work.

We promised to come back from time to time to see how it's coming along. And to have a heaping plate of the sausage, biscuits and gravy some day, when our cholesterol numbers allow for it.


Anonymous said...

There biscuits and gravy are delicious

Lynne from Covington GA said...

I went to breakfast on 05/15 at around 8:15 am hoping to enjoy my meal but all I heard was the manager/cook bitching the whole time about his beer not being delivered and trying to argue with his staff. If he had a problem with the vendor he should have taken them to his office instead of arguing with him in front of his customers. If you want a good breakfast go to PEPE'S on Caroline. Nothing but good food and great atmosphere.

Lynne from Covington GA said...

I forgot to add something, there were two (2) to go orders and both of them were wrong. As I was paying for the meal I did not enjoy, one of the to go order persons called to complain about his order not being correct. The waitress did apologize but he already had his food. I do hope that the manager reads the comments - I WOULD NOT RECCOMEND THIS PLACE

Robert Kelly said...

I agree with you on both counts. I'm disappointed to hear that the manager/cook disappointed you. I have no connection to the place, but hoped -- and still hope -- that it can approach the cachet of the old Deli.

And Pepé's is a fine place for breakfast (and lunch and dinner and happy hour too). There've been lines out in front several times in the recent past, mostly on weekend mornings.

Harpoon Harry's is good and I tend to go there most often to see people I know and like. Sarabeth's is good for an upscale breakfast. Schooner Wharf does breakfast now, mostly simple stuff.

Camille's doesn't have the same feel it did when it was on Duval St.

But for me, when I have breakfast out nowadays, it's mostly a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich special from Papa's Coffee on Southard St., or from one of the Cuban coffee places on White St.

Michael and Kathy said...

Sorry Bob- This place is terrible.

Anonymous said...

I love this place. great breakfast. great fish. I have eaten everywhere in town and I take my family here. Good people. Very interesting wine collection. Take some time and look around. Never had a bad meal here. No pretense.

Anonymous said...

Unprofessional, mean spirited.
and that was just the service.

Ate there once, will never again.
Doesn't look like it will EVER be like the old Deli restaurant.
Might not be open past 2010 either.
Yes,that bad. Avoid this place at all costs.

Anonymous said...

A goat farm would make more money in this location than what it makes now as a grease pit picnic.

Grits are watery.
Home fries are burnt and greasy.
Styrofoam??? Get real...
..and whoever had homemade sangria at a BBQ joint?
Give me a break!
Go to Camille's down the street. Or hoof it to Papa's. Way better.

Robert Kelly said...

Funny, I wrote the original post a year-and-a-half ago when the "Eat n' Grinn at the Deli" re-opened, in a moment of hopeful anticipation. We haven't gone back since that first visit, but it's become obvious that Eat n' Grinn isn't heir to what the Deli once was.

And, the unfavorable comments continue to roll in. It's too bad they haven't been able to get it together.

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