Monday, June 08, 2009

Stock Island

"Workers from the shrimp trawlers, crawfish boats and others who make their livelihood from the sea are also in this area [Stock Island]. It is now a big community. It continues to grow as people are moving their commercial estabishments from Key West to that locality, small merchants who can't pay the high rents being charged here and are forced to move.

Who know? Maybe, some day, the Stock Island merchants will have profitable business and many of the Key West locations will be closed due to lack of sales."

"The Key West Hemingway Loved and the Key West of 1998", Nilo Lopez, ©2000. Pg. 13

Apparently not, at least not yet.


Webmaster AKC 1 said...

Nilo Lopez: now there was a fine old fellow.

Unknown said...

coming to the keys next week....would love some suggestions on good/local seafood (wholesalers to visit as well as restaurants to dine in)......Thanks!

ps. in the restaurant business in Washington D.C.

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