Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tales of an Island Rooster

The Chicken Lady, Katha Sheehan, came by yesterday to hand-deliver a book that I ordered from The Chicken Store website on Tuesday.  I wasn't at home but Janet talked to her for a while.

The book is Tales of an Island Rooster, written by Katha in 2002 and is based on her long-time observation of the Key West chickens that are part of the fabric of this place, as they are no where else that I know about.

We came to know Katha when she was running the late, lamented Key West Chicken Store on Duval Street.  Janet worked for her for a couple of years in the middle of the last decade and I became a sort of computer adviser to her, as she was a Macintosh user too.  I am, as far as I know, the only male to be recognized as a member of the Key West Chicken Rescue Team for once having been dispatched to rescue a rooster that was hit by a car on Palm Avenue near White Street.

I learned a lot about the behaviors of gallus gallus domesticus from reading the book, then loaned it out and didn't get it back, thus the need to order another copy.  I recommend it highly to anyone who wants to learn more about chickens generally and Key West chickens in particular.

The Chicken Store is gone from Duval Street but lives on on the internet where "everything is for sale except the chickens".  Katha is gone from Key West too.  She bought some land on the mainland, just north of the Keys, and continues her mission of saving the chickens and studying them.


Ryan said...

Great post. Cheers!

Arthur Winstanley said...

Katha's been a great friend and "tales. . ." is a fun and educational read.

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