Monday, April 25, 2011

Big News

Bob & Janet are on the move again.  We're leaving District 6 in Old Town and moving to District 1 to live on a floating home.  We'll be on  board by the end of April, leaving the Elizabeth St. home we've rented for the past 21 months.  In some ways, we'll miss this neighborhood.  The people here are our friends.  But the beauty of living on a 2 x 4 mile island  is that we'll still be nearby and so will our friends.

The F/D Sundog is berthed at Garrison Bight, the City's marina across Palm Avenue from Fishing Boat Row.

It all began about three weeks ago.

Roger, a friend, rode up on his bicycle on a Saturday morning.  I was in the front yard doing some clean-up, raking, sweeping leaves, cleaning the fountain.  Roger was on his customary yard sale ride in Old Town.  We spoke for a while, and he mentioned that he was thinking about selling his home, a two story, two bedroom, two bath home built on a 40 x 14 foot hull in 2002.

I told Janet when she got home.  I could tell we were thinking the same thing.  Could we?  Should we?  She called Roger and asked if we might come over again and have a closer look.  We spent about two hours with him, then went back home to talk it over.  We decided to make it a project, to consider the pluses and minuses and to make our decision.  We called Roger a week later and told him that we wanted to buy it.  Fortunately, he had reached his own decision, deciding to leave Key West after 7-1/2 years and move back to his native New York.  A deal was struck and as of today, we own ourselves a floating home

The Sundog is floating in a slip at the City's Marina at Garrison Bight, at the intersection of  N. Roosevelt Boulevard and Palm Avenue, across the road from Fishing Boat Row.  Roger bought it two years ago.  It had tipped during hurricane Wilma, was righted, and repaired to increase its stability.  The interior was relatively unfinished.  The galley was on the upper deck.  The  lower deck was filled with lumber and other building materials.  Roger bought it and began remodeling the interior extensively.

The galley is now on the lower deck at the entry doors.  It's a spacious and well-equipped kitchen, with a propane range-top above a built-in convection oven.  There's an adequate number of cabinets and shelves.  Counter space enough for a few appliances and a preparation area.  We won't be bumping into each other when we're both in the kitchen.

Roger is leaving a lot of his furniture, and we're also buying his two kayaks tied up at the stern.

We'll be posting more photos at some point.

Last weekend, at the Naval Aviation Centennial celebration at NAS Key West, I heard C.W. Colt (he of the velvet voice) sing a song with the following line in it.  It goes, "the best thing[s] that ever happened to me [us] always came with a change."  

We'll give that a try.

It won't be the first time.


Michele said...

Congratulations to you both! I can forsee this being a fun happy place for you to call home.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations M&D! You must be bursting with pride. Thank goodness you have someone else to help you move this time. Ha Ha!

S said...

Congrats! And I am jealous. I love houseboat row.

Anonymous said...

Wow, how exciting! A new chapter begins and this one sounds like fun.

Congratulations and continued good luck and good health.

Chris said...

Excellant, We have seen the Sundog on visits and wondered about it. So glad you are living the dream. On our 2012 visit we will stop by the pier and snap some pictures now that we know the history.

Robert Kelly said...

Hi Chris, When you stop by, knock or shout hello. If we're around, it'd be nice to meet you.

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