Friday, August 12, 2011

Genesis and Evolution

Those who know me well know that I'm a devoted  and devout member of the Worldwide Church of Apple.  I bought my first Apple computer in 1984, the year the Macintosh was introduced.  But I didn't buy a Mac because we needed portable and the original Mac wasn't.  What I did buy was an Apple 11c, just like the one in the picture.  We were going on the road for three months in Sweet Surrender,  a 23 ft. Class C motor home and I wanted to keep a journal of that trip and to learn more about computers than I already knew.  I worked mainly with mainframes and minicomputers in earlier days.  PC's were a relatively new phenomenon in 1984 and not very many people actually had one at home.

Fast forward 27 years.  Today I have a MacBook (2006 model) that has served me well ever since I got it as a gift from Captain Outrageous in 2007, just before he died.  It was a reward from a generous man who appreciated the time I spent as his personal computer consultant.  Together we designed and put up four web sites and a blog or two.  They're still up there on the web and can be accessed from here.  They're all getting close to their sell-by date and I have to decide what to do -- keep 'em up or send them to that big archive in the sky.

But the main point I make here is that a) my MacBook is getting long in the tooth; b) my 80GB iPod, also a gift from the Captain, was stolen; and c) I've never had a smartphone.  And, oh yeah, I really like the iPad I bought for Janet last year and now, so does she.

Come October Apple lines up a) a new iPhone model; b) a new iPad model; c) a new version of the operating system that operates both the phone and the pad; d) a new version of the Mac operating system, Mac OS Lion; and e) iCloud, a service that keeps all other devices synced, meaning that all of your information is available from all of your devices all of the time.  It don't get much better than that for an information junkie.

Oh, and if you were expecting a Bible lesson or a diatribe against Evolution, sorry but that's not what I meant in the headline.  Use the links above.


Anonymous said...

Kelly, your recent post caught my attention since you brought up your devotion to Apple products and that you had an older MacBook.
I also have a MacBook of that time: Late 2006 MacBook2.1 .
I was almost giving up on it due to it being so slow doing normal things. As a last resort, I upgraded the memory from 1 to 4 G. I now feel like I have a new laptop! Specifically, I ordered Kingston KVR667D2S5K2/2G . Although Apple says 2G is the max, this upgrade will bring it up to 3.3G.
If you have not tried this, it is worth the effort. My MacBook (now running Lion) is all I need for several years more.
(note this link also
Good luck with whatever decision you make.
Amsterdam, NL

Robert Kelly said...

Thank you for the comment, William. I've had 2GB in this Macbook since the beginning. I have rarely run into limits imposed by insufficient memory, although I will upgrade to 4GB (and a larger HD) if I decide to keep this computer. I think that I'll do that, mating it up with an iPad 3 and an iPhone 5.

Fortunately, I'm capable of doing these kinds of MacBook upgrades myself.

Anonymous said...


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