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An Inquiry About Houseboat Living

On May 25th,
Englsih Paul said...
Hi Bob,
My girlfriend and I are making our second visit to KW in Aug and I never thought to check to see what blogs are out there so I can understand more of the community life as opposed to just seeing things as a tourist. It seems perfect living in KW year round, but I guess it's not perect all the time but we have thought about it. Houseboat living sounds like fun so I'd be interested to take a look. Is there a local agent who specializes in houseboats?
I'll check back later so keep up the blogging.

Hi Paul, If there's anyone doing that, I haven't met him/her.  One finds a houseboat for sale in a variety of ways.  Craig's List is one, and here's an example.  It's easy enough to find a houseboat for sale.  The trick is in being sure that you have a place to put it.  Also, the definition of what a houseboat is can be tricky.  
Charterboat Row
Where we live, in the City Marina at Garrison Bight, there are actually four sub-marinas.  One is Charterboat Row, commercial docks and slips where charter fishing boats for hire are tied up and where one can book a fishing trip for as little as a 1/2 day, or for as long as you wish.

A second is the recreational marina.  Here are the pleasure boats that people use occasionally.  They may be occupied as live-aboards for up to eight days out of each month.  Third comes the transient docks where those who are just 'passing through' can secure dockage space for a day, week or month.  And finally, the live-aboard marina that some still call Houseboat Row, a reference to the time when those living on the original Houseboat Row along the sea wall along South Roosevelt Boulevard were forced to relocate by the state of Florida.  That's where we live.
The City Marina is one of only a very few places on the island of Key West that accommodates live-aboards, and it's the only municipal marina that does.
There are three kinds of 'boats' located here at the Row:  True boats, able to navigate under their own power or by sail (or both).  Houseboats, are those designed to be dwellings but having most of the characteristics of a vessel and built using principles of marine construction.  Some are capable of being navigated under power, but most are not.  And floating dwellings that are true residential homes mounted on a hull of some sort that can only be moved by towing.  That's what we have.
A good site to learn more is in their forums
Check back with us when you firm up your plans; maybe we can meet up to explore your interests further.
Bob and Janet

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