Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Key West the Newspaper

The Blue Paper, as it has been known since the beginning of its 20-year run in Key West, died at the end of last year when its first and only publisher, Dennis Reeves Cooper (PhD) threw in the towel.

Now we hear that it will be revived, at least in name, and will take on a new role as an on-line publication focused on investigative journalism.  Arnaud and Nadja Naja Hansen Girard are the power couple behind the revival.  They purchased rights to use the name from Cooper and are preparing to re-launch the 'paper' sometime in the near future.

The Hansens Girards were behind the investigation that led the Federalistas to declare that ownership of Wisteria Island remained in the hands of the United States, and that the claim of ownership by the Bernstein family is moot.

I look forward to the re-appearance of the Blue Paper.

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Naja Girard said...

Would like to correct our name: Its Arnaud and Naja Girard (not Hansen). And you'll now find the NEW Blue Paper (Key West The Newspaper) online at: Thank you! Naja

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