Monday, December 08, 2014

Key West City Attorney

I wrote this post in 2006 to comment then on the selection of Shawn Smith as City Attorney.  Now, eight year later, Smith's contract has been renewed for a third four year term.

The Key West Citizen and Florida Keys Keynoter both reported on Smith's bid to the City Commission for the contract renewal.  It's very likely that he'll get it.  He got it.  Smith does his job well.  He quietly counsels the Commission and the individual commissioners.  Unlike some past City Attorneys, he steers clear of controversy.  More importantly, he helps the Commission to avoid making mistakes that might lead them to do anything controversial.

The one exception to that posture came last year when he involved himself directly in a conflict with then City Manager Bob Vitas.  Smith accused Vitas of engaging in extra-legal ways and that he  effectively cut him, Smith, out of matters that should be the province of both.

So Vitas is gone.  Scholl is back.  And Smith will be around for four more years, good Lord willing and if the creeks don't rise.

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