Tuesday, May 03, 2022

An Update

This is Bob's daughter, Susan. In case there are still some visitors following his blog, I wanted to share the sad news that our Dad passed away on April 11th, after a short illness. He is now united with his one true love Janet again. This blog was a labor of love for him for many years, and it will be a piece of his legacy left behind. Maybe we will even post here now and then. But for now, thank you to all who followed his tales of life in Key West. They were some very good years for our parents.

Monday, February 22, 2021

Monday, October 07, 2019

So it was written, so must have it been done.

The Key West Citizen newspaper has, for along as I can recall, published a feature titled Today in Keys History.  The column has been printing excerpts from the diary of one William Hackney, an early resident of the city.  The following item was  found in the diary for this day, February 14, 1831

David L. Wakely, a tailor, died this morning. For nearly twelve months he was a steady and uncommonly industrious man until in an evil hour he was summoned as a member of the grand jury at the last November term of the Superior Court since which time he has been constantly intoxicated and has fallen victim of his love for ardent spirits.

Saturday, February 09, 2019

We moved to Key West in January of 1999.  We moved to Fort Myers in August of 2015,  The years in between included a two-year hiatus back to New Hampshire between June of 2002  and May of 2004  and a three-month stint in Cape Coral, Florida; two journeys to Europe for me, once for six weeks with our grandson, Cameron in 2009, and another for seven days to Belgium in 2014 with our daughter Betty,  Cameron's mother, to visit him at the end of his college year-abroad experience.  We spent another week in Utah for a Thanksgiving celebration with Cameron and his mom and dad Lee in 2012[?].  We visited with our daughter Susan and son-in-law Rick in Round Rock, Texas over Thanksgiving of 20??.

Resurrecting this post beginning from the oblivion of forgotten and incomplete draft posts.

The Real Fort Myers

It takes a while to learn all about new place.  We came here from Key West three years ago.  What you might find just below this post is a post from our The Real Key West blog that was active from 2002 through 2014, and somewhat dormant since then.  Since its free to maintain a blog in Google's Domains universe, it may last longer than I do.

Anyway, watch this space for what we hope will become to Fort Myers what the Key West blog was for that city.


Bob & Janet

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Seen in the Key West Citizen  at Today in Keys History:

1831: William Hackley recorded, in part, in his diary: I did not write home yesterday as there is no vessel in port by which the letter could go to any place at which it might be mailed and for some weeks now there has not been a vessel in this port except the vessel from Baltimore and indeed I think the Key is deteriorating instead of improving and a professional man instead of making money can scarcely earn a sum sufficient to pay the necessary expenses which are very high here and even then the lawyer is dependent in a great measure on the number of wrecks on the reef. I am heartily tired both of the place and of the kind of life I have been leading here now for more than two years, it being the 18 day of November 1828 when I first put foot on the beach of this island and I hope before long to be able to leave it forever.

Were those the good old days of Key West?

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Key West and Music

I'm "chillin" to the My Chill playlist that Apple Music offered up to me on Sunday.  I get a new chill list in this position every Sunday, along with many other suggested playlists, based on what's in my own iTunes library and what I listen to regularly at the A-M site   This Chill play list has 25 songs and plays for an hour and 39 minutes,

I have quite a few songs and other audio in my own iTunes library that connect me to Key West.  Besides much music performed by Key West musicians, I also have  a lot by artists and bands who have appeared there during the 15 years of our residence.

I really like Apple Music.  I've tried Spotify, Pandora, Livestream, Amazon and Google, among others.  Apple Music has the best combination of streaming music and connection to my personal collection.  Their curated music services offer me a chance to explore things that I might like and a way to add them to my own collection with ease.

Those who know Key West know that it is a great place to hear live music, day and night and especially in Old Town.

Janet and I are planning to be there in mid-September to celebrate our 55th wedding anniversary.  We'll soon be planning out our music calendar, hoping to catch as much music as we can in five short days.

Tempus fugit!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Key West Connections

It's Sunday morning here in Fort Myers.  It rained again today, but that's not been unusual over the last two months.  During June and July, at the nearest rain gauge to us, the one at Page Field, shows 15-½  inches in June and is approaching 8 inches this month.  Those aren't extreme amounts, but what's important is that it has rained something on most of the 60 days since June 1.

I called the Key West Citizen this morning.  I wasn't able to log in to the digital edition, as I do nearly every day whether at home or away.  We've been gone from our little island home for more than two years now but I maintain a strong interest in what goes on there, because it was for more than 13 years, our home.  We put down roots in 1999 and over the next 15-½ years despite a two year gap between 2003 and 2005, we flourished there.

There are many ways to keep the connection.  The papers, obviously.  The Citizen is a daily.  My next favorite information source for solid news is Key West The Newspaper, aka The Blue Paper.  Each of them is worthy of being supported  by our money.  We have a rolling, six month, on-line-only subscription that renews automatically for $48 at present.  I support the Blue Paper by making frequent small contributions via Pay Pal.

There is a plethora of on-line sources, especially on FaceBook where the number of participants via individual and group memberships must number in the many thousands.  By following these a reader gets a gamut of opinions on a broad swath of what happened, is happening, and will be happening.

There are blogs too, like this one,  some which are uniquely Key West and some which are tangentially so.   I haven't taken inventory lately so I can't say whether all of those in the right-hand column are still active.  Two that are, My Diary by Conch Scooter and My Life in Key West by Key West Lou are still being updated with some regularity.  I particularly like My Diary because the blogger writes very well and he is very knowledgeable of Key West, writing since 2007.

Now that I've established a foothold back here, I'll see if I can update the inventory of sites.

Welcome back, if you're returning, or welcome if you only found The Real Key West lately.  There are memories buried here, and some stories that can withstand being retold.

Walk beside me and I'll fill you in.
Comments are allowed.
Questions will be answered respectfully.

Listening to The Doobie Brothers at Apple Music

Monday, July 24, 2017

If he only knew

"The character of the Keys have changed. The old way of life is gone, forever. Whatever vestige of the past remains is being overwhelmed by the bulldozer, the dredge, and gaudy commercialism. Fortunate is the person who has been able to hang on to enough land and hammock to tuck away his residence in an atmosphere the Conchs and Crackers once knew." 

Nicknames and Conch Tales, Walter H. Norman, 1979

Back to the Island

O dear God see how he rises,
Timothy rises from the bed.
With a bottle of whisky at his feet
And a bottle of porter at his head.

Traditional Irish ballad

And, as did Timothy, Robert also rises, to return to The Real Key West, prompted by several things that took place in the week just gone by.

On July 21, I read in the Key West Citizen about what former City Commissioner Harry Bethel is doing with regard to the Monroe County Tourist Development Council.  The TDC is a board established and supervised by the Monroe County Commission.  The TDC's mission is: ...  to set an overall direction for the Monroe County tourism marketing effort in a manner that will assure long-term sustained growth in tourism revenues while also guaranteeing the sustainability and improvement of our product, including both our man-made and natural resources, and improvements to the quality of life of our residents. [Emphasis added.]

More recently, John Donnelly of Key Largo wrote an article for The Blue Paper headlined 
Vehicular Assaults, Gridlock & Environmental Destruction…Endanger Our Lives & Islands…

The two articles resonated in me.  Janet and I have been discussing a trip back to the island in mid-September.  We'll be celebrating our 55th wedding anniversary on September 22.  We have two remaining $99 vouchers for round trips on the Key West Express between Whiskey Creek, where we now live, and Key West.

We'll be checking in to familiar places and seeing friends.  They're all part of The Real Key West.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

In case anybody is still checking in here, or if you landed here from some other place and wondered why there are no recent posts -- let me tell a little story.

Janet and I lived in Key West for 2+ years, from January 1999 until the Fall of 2002, and then again for 10+ years, from June 2004 until April 2015.  We moved to Fort Myers in April 2015.

Through 12 of those years, I've maintained this blog, The Real Key West, pretty much in its present form.

This is the pre-blog, from 2002:

The Real Key West

I wrote these posts after learning how to make a blog using Google's web app, called Blogger.com.  I still use it because, like an Apple product, it just works.  It got improved a lot after I began using it (no, I'm not claiming cause and effect), and many other 'blogging systems' came along; WordPress, notably, became one of the more popular and is still in wide use.

But, to get more to the point, I managed to figure out that we've been 'on the rock' for 12-½ years out of the last 15, and 'on the cloud' with the blog for virtually all of that.  I also now know that 125,000 visits to The Real Key West occurred during the last ten years.

The domain name, which I have owned since 2002, has some value.  And domain names can be bought and sold on the 'world wide web'.  It's embedded in our online persona. But I'm sentimental about the name and I think I'm going to hang on to it for a while longer.

I thought what I might do is to use this largely dormant space to get some steam up to resume  blogging.  As I figure out how best to do that, you may expect to find things here that bear little or no relationship to Key West.  Meanwhile, I'l be looking at the Trackers to see who comes back or who just drops in for a visit.  Fear not:  I can't tell who's posting unless you choose to identify yourself.  You can, if you wish, register an ID with us.  It helps us to remember that we have a correspondent relationship if you do.

So, without further ado, here it goes.

Bob (with an "o").

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

South Florida's Rising Seas - Sea Level Rise Documentary

An informative documentary discussing sea level rise in South Florida.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Sam Kaufman

Sam Kaufman at Key West City Commission Meeting on February 18, 2015

Monday, December 08, 2014

Key West City Attorney

I wrote this post in 2006 to comment then on the selection of Shawn Smith as City Attorney.  Now, eight year later, Smith's contract has been renewed for a third four year term.

The Key West Citizen and Florida Keys Keynoter both reported on Smith's bid to the City Commission for the contract renewal.  It's very likely that he'll get it.  He got it.  Smith does his job well.  He quietly counsels the Commission and the individual commissioners.  Unlike some past City Attorneys, he steers clear of controversy.  More importantly, he helps the Commission to avoid making mistakes that might lead them to do anything controversial.

The one exception to that posture came last year when he involved himself directly in a conflict with then City Manager Bob Vitas.  Smith accused Vitas of engaging in extra-legal ways and that he  effectively cut him, Smith, out of matters that should be the province of both.

So Vitas is gone.  Scholl is back.  And Smith will be around for four more years, good Lord willing and if the creeks don't rise.

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

How to Get Approval for a Development Plan

I sometimes amuse myself by watching my governments at work.  It's a government geek's pleasure to observe such events.

The video above is a good example of the Key West city government cooperating with a private citizen to do something good.  It's also a great example of that citizen doing a bang-up job of presenting his ideas to the city in a way that almost guarantees that he'll get the approval he seeks from the City Commission.

510 Eaton St. Key West

That church-like and theater-like building on Eaton Street has been largely vacant for the fifteen years that we've lived here.  It was once a performance stage featuring a variety of entertainments, including as a "discotheque".  (You remember discotheques, don't you?)

There's a second building on the property that was once offices, but they became vacant too.  The owner-applicant intends to tear that portion down and to build a single-family residence there.

The agenda item at the City Commission hearing was the culmination of a process designed to carry the application through all of the required approvals, and was guided by Trepanier & Associates, a local firm that does that kind of work for many developers, large and small.  

The segment that begins at just after 2:00 minutes is what impressed me most.  It's the owner's plea for approval.  He could't have done it any better.

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