Saturday, November 20, 2004


In my earlier posting, Change is in the Air, I said that Ed Swift is a Conch. I stand corrected. He apparently moved here as a teenager, or maybe a little sooner than that, but he wasn't born here. One's degree of 'Conch-ness' is measured here in generations. Conchs describe themselves as third-(or fourth, fifth, sixth, etc.) generation. People who move here, even when youngsters can never hope to become True Conchs. The best they can aspire to is to be thought of as a fresh-water Conch, someone who has lived here long enough and who conforms sufficiently to the ways of the True Conchs to gain that acceptance. Not achieving that, they might work hard and become an Honorary Conch, and honor bestowed by the community in recognition for some sort of superior achievement.

You have to have been born here to be a True Conch, So Ed Swift is not one. Thanks for the clarification, Red.

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