Monday, November 29, 2004

Nailbangers Convention

A friend, Captain Rick, developed and promoted the First Annual Nailbangers Convention at Don's Place on Truman Avenue this past Saturday. I stopped by there around 2:00 just to see what was going on and wound up on the Coffee Plantation team, contributing to a third place finish and a bunch of prizes. Let me explain.

Captain Rick put this event together in just a few weeks. The idea was to create a fun event that would raise money for the Boys' and Girls' Club of Key West. With a minimum of promotion, around 30 people showed up to compete in three competitive events: hammering, sawing, and a hammer throw. In addition, there were belt sander races and a lot of hilarity.

The hammering event (which, of course gives the event its name) required that each contestant hammer 40 nails of various sizes, from small finishing nails to big spikes into the end of a 4X4. The sawing event then called for cutting off the end of the 4X4 with a hand saw. Both of these were timed events, the shortest time being the winner. These two events were staged in individual competitions, mano a mano so to speak. The team competitions included these two events, plus a hammer throw in which rubber mallets were to be aimed at a hole cut in a board. Each successful throw through the hole would result in 20 seconds being taken off the aggregate of the two other events.

It was great fun and raised an appreciable amount for the Boys' & Girls' Club, a worthy cause.

Theo sponsored the Coffee Plantation team. He's bursting with pride over our effort. The Third Place trophy is on display in the coffee shop. Theo was on USA 1 Radio this morning boasting about our successful effort, our Bronze Medal, so to speak. I personally came away with two new T-Shirts, one of the new Coffee Plantation ones and an official "1st Annual Nailbangers Convention" shirt; a cap from Ace Hardware; and a $25 gift card to Strunk Ace Hardware on Eaton St.

Full Disclosure Notice

There were only three teams competing in the team event. Sh-h-h-h-h!

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