Saturday, November 20, 2004

Trevor & Parents

Trevor & Parents
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Trevor has become a close friend. We see him several times a week, sometimes around town, and when he comes here once in a while to have dinner with us. He's single and lives in a tiny little cottage on Eaton St., with one of the biggest back yards anywhere around here. The cottage is next to a big house with a number of apartments, eight I would guess, and the cottage shares the back yard with the rest of the house.

He came to Key West with a friend, just to have a look around, and he wound up coming back soon thereafter to live. Trevor worked for Albertson's in Texas for 15 years, and had no problem in getting transferred here.

He's a real, down-home, east Texas boy, like to go out occasionally "hoorawing" as he calls it, but he also likes to "sowbelly" at home, watching his newly-acquired TV and cable service. Trevor has balance. He enjoys the hoorawing, but he (almost) always knows when to stop and go home. "Eight hours", he says, "eight hours before it's time to get up to go to work, that's when I head for home." When it's time, he gets up, doesn't say goodnight to anyone for fear they'll try to get him to stay for "just one more", and disappears quietly into the night. Now that's responsible.

Janet got Vinnie and Jan a bunch of free and reduced-cost passes for various tourist attractions. They're set with bicycles to use while here. There'll be a special meal prepared by Mary Anne at Schooner Wharf one night, and they'll come to dinner here on Monday evening, before leaving on Tuesday. We know they'll have a good time.

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