Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve afternoon, almost 4 PM. I'm waiting for Federal Express to show up with a package for us from New Hampshire. Janet is working today. We're planning on attending a Christmas Eve service at a church known for its fine gospel choir, although we haven't figured out yet what time the service is to begin.

We may also go somewhere for a meal together. Tomorrow, Christmas Day, Janet will be cooking a traditional Christmas turkey dinner. Trevor will be coming after he gets off work at Albertson's, and we've invited a few others who may or may not be coming. Theo and Diane are opening the Coffee Plantation tomorrow, planning to remain open until around noon time. David, who runs the Key West Five and Dime store across the street from the Coffee Plantation, has a friend coming in from Atlanta. They may also be coming. No matter, there'll be enough for all, or leftovers galore for the rest of the week for the two of us.

The city is beginning to fill up with visitors. Christmas week is usually a busy week here. There are no cruise ships scheduled Christmas Day, but from the 26th on there are one or more ships scheduled in every day until the 19th of January.

After stopping last night at French Kiss to see Sharon, who is off to Naples for Christmas, we went by Schooner Wharf with a selection of breads, cakes and other goodies that Janet was going to distribute, but hardly any one we knew was there. The band that was playing, the Reifersons, was pretty bad I thought, so we didn't stay for long.

So, it will be a quiet Christmas at home for us. Not that there's anything wring with that.

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