Monday, December 06, 2004

Fantasy Fest Exposure

Letters to the Editor, 12/6/04

Time to tone down
Fantasy Fest exposure

[A resident] recently wrote a letter to the editor voicing concern about Fantasy Fest nudity. I, too, believe some moderation is in order.

This is one of those reasonable compromises that should make complete sense, but which will not satisfy most people. The writer is dead on when he describes the behaviors of some Fantasy Fest visitors. They behave as though any thing goes, because "this is Key West and they allow us to do things like that, things we can't or wouldn't do in our (Indiana) home town", to use the writer's example. There are other residents who object, on the grounds of public decency, that Fantasy Fest behavior has been allowed to spiral totally out of control. Each side will hold to their position and neither will be satisfied with a compromise.

I'm with Mr. Baumgartner. Fantasy Fest is in need of toning down.

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