Tuesday, December 28, 2004

A New Record?

The greatest number of visitors I've had to The Real Key West in a single month was this past September with 763 unique visitors dropping by to read. Right now, with five days remaining in the month, I'm hovering at 730 visitors, potentially making this the month I set a new record.

Now, it's not all about visitors. There are web logs that get thousands of hits a day, and dozens or hundreds of comments on the postings there. I continue to write here because I enjoy doing it. I write for myself and hope that others might find something useful or interesting or amusing.

That said, there IS something about having a score to measure interest by. So, if you've a mind to, you could help out by recommending to one other person that they look at the blog. With an average of 175 unique visits a week, those additional visitors could be enough to put me over the top for the last month of the year.

Thanks in advance.

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