Monday, December 20, 2004

T-shirt Shops

Citizen's Voice of the Day

"Someone said the T-shirt shops were an integral part of Key West and stated it's the economy. Get serious. These T-shirt shops aren't about supply and demand or the economy. They are just fronts for illegal activities, and our governement hasn't learned how to shut them down yet. You can sit out front all day and know they aren't making enough from T-shirts to pay the rent."

The T-Shirt shops were a central element in the novel Mangrove Squeeze by Laurence Shames.

Here is a thread discussing a case from last year about one method the t-shirt shops use to rip people off.

Despite many rumors about the real business of these places, there have been very few actual arrests made, almost always for tourist rip-offs. The most common belief is that the shops are actually conduits for money laundering.

One time, a few years back, I counted 53 t-shirt shops in seven blocks of Duval St. I doubt that the number has gone down by much.

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