Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Key West International Jazz Festival

An article in the Keynoter/L'Attitudes amplifies on the KWIJF being planned for next January. Cricket -- she's the one who helped Theo rescue the two baby chicks a couple of weeks ago -- wrote the article. She's also doing the marketing for the Festival.

I hope it happens. I like jazz, but then I like most music. We went to the Cork Jazz Festival and the Dublin Blues Festival in Ireland in 1997, and both were run as KWIJF intends to run theirs: one major gated venue -- Fort Zachary Taylor is where they're talking about now, and performances in several or more of the regular music venues. I'm paying attention to this one to try to understand better what goes into the development and promotion of a major festival event.

Our friend Jeff is down here for three months from Maine, where he put on the Flye Point Music Festival last June and will produce it again this June. Jeff has an idea for a music festival here also next January. He's here to explore that idea, then will head back to Maine to put on the Flye Point affair.

It's all part of my (music) education.

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