Sunday, January 09, 2005

Live, From Schooner Wharf .... once again

As the end of the day approaches, I'm here at Schooner Wharf, by myself at the moment (if you consider all these other people around me drinking no one at all). I'm here for two reasons. The first is that Mike and M (for Matrimony) just finished renewing their marriage vows on the upper deck, with Admiral Finbar officiating as he did some 12 years ago when they were married. But that isn't the reason for the party. The party is a going away party. After some 15 years here in Key West, they are moving away, to Clearwater, where they just bought a 2 bedroom, 3 bath, CBS home on a corner lot -- for $175,000.

We met M (we never knew her by any name other than that) here at Schooner Wharf when we first got here in 1999. She's a wedding planner and he's a photographer. For most of the time they were here, arriving as somewhat older hippies, they've been involved in the 'scene' and have many friends, but they've now thrown in the towel. I don't know many of the people who are upstairs at the party. Listening to the conversation, I have the sense that a lot of them are people who were involved in the development of Schooner Wharf.

I also ran into Bob & Michelle, another couple who are on their way out of here in the next couple of days. They moved here in 2002, bought a house on Charles Street near the Keys Energy building and Finnegan's Wake, paid $325,000 for it, did a bit of work on it, and sold it for $900,000. Now they're headed for Jackson Hole, Wyoming, a place they say that has a more of a community about it than KW does. I'm not sure what that actually means, but it seems important to them.

Janet is working her last weekend. She has now been given the schedule she's been wanting, Monday through Friday, weekends off, starting next weekend. Janet should be here in the next 15 minutes with a card and gift for the departing couple.

I'm pleased today to notice that I can log on to the internet from down here once again. The last few times I tried, I was able to see the wireless signals all around me, but not able to get connected to any of them.

We kicked off what might develop into a computer users' group at the Coffee Plantation this morning at ten, with six people attending, four of them Windows users and two with Macs. We've decided to meet every other Sunday morning, at least initially, and see what we can get rolling.

I got an e-mail from someone in Atlanta today, apparently a reader of this blog, expressing the thought that they are "thinking about moving to the Keys" and asking some basic questions about how to go about doing that. I intend to write them a thoughtful response which, if it comes out the way I hope, I'll probably reprint here asof potential use to any one else with the same or similar questions.

I took the car out of its parking spot yesterday afternoon to drive to Katha's house where I needed to gather some information for updating the Chicken Store web site. We've both been using our bicycles -- actually Janet's tricycle and my bicycle -- most of the time lately. There are times when the car doesn't move from its spot for days at a time. Nice. Nice to be able to do it, and good to do it as we can both use the exercise. Janet has begin decorating her tricycle. There's a sign on the front advertising the store, and a very large rooster pennant hanging from a plastic mast attached to the rear basket. Katha wants her to go out on the trike when it's less busy, bringing Red Beard, a large white rooster who's been with Katha since the store first opened. I'll have pictures of that when it happens and be sure to post them here.

Until later.

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