Monday, January 17, 2005

Moving on

Yep, I decided to move on, from home to the Coffee Plantation. When I got here, there were people everywhere, inside, outside, all around the buidling. I counted nine laptops using the wireless internet, and one person in the Internet room. Someone had taken my seat and, in fact, there was nowhere to sit down inside, so I bought a cup of coffee (on the cuff, since I am at the moment penniless until I can get to the ATM). Diane asked if I had my camera. I didn't, but offered to ride back to the house and get it. She wanted some photos, and I managed to get a few before the batteries on my camera gave out.

I estimate that there were 25-30 people gathered around, waiting for buses and trolleys, using the WiFi, waiting for someone who was using it, or just having a cup of coffee.

George and Susan just came in. She asked me if I told Jan how much they enjoyed the tilapia recipe. I said I did, but I'll ask Janet tonight to be sure. They said they'd be happy to receive more, and I said I'd choose a few that I particularly like.

Still lots of people here and interesting conversation going on.

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