Thursday, January 06, 2005

Salsa Loca

Spicy salsa saga unfolding on Duval Street

I've written about Salsa Loca, our new favorite Mexican restaurant. Two days before Christmas, we heard that it closed suddenly, and that there was a sign on the door announcing that they would re-open soon after Christmas. The back story, we heard, was that Corey, owner with his wife Nancy, left town and took the chefs back to North Carolina. Shortly after Christmas, another posting on the door, this time a two page letter from the restaurant staff explaining in detail that Corey had been in an affair with one of their waitresses and that he is trying to prevent Nancy from re-opening the restaurant, which was an instant hit with locals and visitors alike, a rarity in this town.

I hesitated to write about gossip, but now its in all the papers, so every one agrees that its OK for me to comment too.

What's unusual here is not that it happened, but the way its playing out, publicly, with broadsides and letters and calls to the Citizens Voice line.

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