Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Back to Abnormal

Mary Lou and Big Tom left yesterday morning after a breakfast at home of french toast and sausages. They're on their way to Clearwater via either Alligator Alley or the Tamiami Trail, the first leg of the rest of their $500 vacation package, that includes a rental car, lodging in Key West, Clearwater, Orlando, and Daytona, and a variety of tickets for various attractions. They got three nights at the Radisson here, and a free sunset cruise on the Sebago. In return, all they had to do was to sit for a 90 minute presentation on the advantages of owning an "interval" at Coconut Mallory Resort on South Roosevelt Boulevard.

Mary Lou is the eldest daughter of Janet's sister, Marlene, and Janet is her godmother. Marlene was killed in a horrible automobile accident in 1972. Mary Lou and her three siblings were raised by their uncle following the death of their own father two years after their mother died.

We had a good time with them. Janet has always had a special bond with her sister's children. Mary Lou even lived with us for a brief time in the 70's in New Hampshire, before setting out on her own.

We managed to visit Schooner Wharf with them five times in 5-1/2 days, as well as solo visits to The Bull, Green Parrot, Virgilio's, The Meteor, and Blue Heaven. Ourselves hadn't been to these last two since leaving here in 2002. I'm pleased to report that they haven't lost the beat that earned them their reputations in the first place.

So now we return to a life more normal. Janet's back at work. I'm at the Coffee Plantation. I have only a couple of errands to run today. One is to visit City Hall and pay the $25 parking ticket that Mary Lou and Big T are leaving behind as their additional contribution to the economic well-being of our favorite city.

By the way, they did buy the interval at Coconut Mallory. We'll be seeing them down here again in a couple of years.

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