Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Four days without a post?

I knew that I wouldn't have anything to post on Sunday. On Monday, I had a good part of a long post written, then lost it when I quit the browser in which I was writing it prematurely and unintentionally. Yesterday I was busy prepping our apartment for the guests we're expecting later in the week. This morning, I finished up by shampooing the carpet in our bedroom -- and it came out fantastically well, if I do say so myself.

I'm at the Coffee Plantation now, trying to recuperate from the relative lack of caffeine I took in yesterday and the resulting caffeine withdrawal headache it brought on.

Rick is here -- P.M. Rick -- and so is Joe Faro, a street artist who has done a large number of very nice sketches of various Key west landmarks, places like the Casa Marina, Blue Heaven, conch cottages and, most recently, of the Coffee Plantation building. We looked at some of his larger pieces on Monday as we're trying to fill a large space on our high wooden wall at the end of the living area in our apartment. Joe's work is beautiful. He had several pieces that we might have gone for were it not for the asking prices, which were far beyond what we were willing to pay. We took our bicycles down to Duval St. and visited the Guild Hall Gallery and the Kennedy Gallery, without success. But, as Scarlett O'Hara said, we'll "think about it tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day".

Tomorrow evening is the Planning Board meeting at which the Watermark Project comes up again for a decision. I plan to attend again and will try to provide a full report on Friday.

Otherwise, today is a quiet day. I have to go out to the Boulevard to pick up a few items. We'll meet up with Janet's niece Mary Lou and her boyfriend Tom later this afternoon, or this evening. They're spending their first three days in Key West at Coconut Mallory Resort, a time share community located on South Roosevelt Boulevard, then their last three days with us in our guest bedroom.

George and Susan came in a few minutes ago. It's like Old Home Week in here right now. I'd better go and do my errands.

Maybe more later today. Maybe not.

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