Monday, February 28, 2005

Watermark Cartoon

Watermark Cartoon
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The Key West Planning Board on Thursday will vote on the latest version of the plans (which appear to be changing in real-time) for the Watermark development at the former Jabour's Campground at the Key West Bight. Opponents of the plans argue that the development is out of scale with the rest of the historic neighborhood in which it is located, that it will overwhelm the area, and set the stage for even more development along the City's historic waterfront district.

Two days before the Planning Board meeting, the City Commission will be voting on approval of a ten-year renewal of the lease of Schooner Wharf Bar, which will be in the shade (literally) of the Watermark buildings. B.O.s Fish Wagon, at the corner of Caroline and William Streets, is another funky Key West bar and restaurant likely to rest in the shade of Watermark, not to mention the homes along Caroline Street that will lose any view of the Bight they have currently.

I'll miss the Planning Board meeting due to a trip I'm beginning on Thursday, but I'll keep on top of it. Planning Board approval, should it be given, is still not the final word, as the City Commission must also give its approval at a later time.

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