Sunday, February 20, 2005

What's the Beef?

I almost got into a fight at Schooner Wharf Friday night. As I already said, we went there in the late evening, after the Bahama Village Recognition dinner. We, the four of us, stood near the back entrance, near the stage. Lauren Smoken had just come off the stage while her band played an instrumental. There were two other guys standing near us, obviously somewhat inebriated, and one of them began a weird, almost crab-like dance on the entrance path.

We tut-tutted and tsk-tsk'd a little at the drunken behavior, then turned our attention back to the bandstand as Lauren came back on and delivered a couple of Joplin-inspired (no, not Scott -- Janis!) numbers. Then the entire band went on break and we made ready to leave.

One of the drunks, the one who had been solo-dancing, approached Janet and put his hands on her, as though to embrace her. She drew back and said to us, "I don't know who he is." I was at her side, so I turned to him and asked him to back off, to chill, and leave her alone. He quickly became nasty toward me, telling me to "f--- off". Tom, 6'5" and about 270 lbs, said he had my back the whole time. I know that he did, but at the moment it wasn't what I was thinking about. What I was thinking was, "now what am I going to do?"

Just then, the offender began saying, "Janet, it's me, Thomas. I'm Thomas, I work at Albertson's with Trevor." Then Janet looked more closely and finally recognized Thomas for who he was. It took several minutes more for the apologies to go all around and for explanations of behavior to be made. We left SWB for our next stop, The Bull, to listen to Bubba play bass with The Lily White Band, backing Baby T on vocals.

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