Thursday, March 31, 2005

A Busy Thursday

I sat on the stoop of an antique shop on Fleming St. for about a half hour this morning, waiting for Sharon Wells to arrive at her KW Light Gallery. She asked me to have look at her Mac PowerBook because it's "making a weird noise". We had already pretty much concluded that it was the fan. My visit confirmed that. I'm looking into the alternatives to repair it: buy a fan and put it in myself, or send it out for repair. It will depend on the degree of difficulty. I don't do soldering inside a laptop, for example, there's too much risk of something going wrong.

"Stephanie" arrived at about 11:00 and let me have a look at the PowerBook as she spoke to an unknown friend on the phone. I couldn't help but hear a portion of her tale of woe, of a relationship in turmoil. Clerking in one of Key West's many galleries doesn't look it would be too strenuous of a job, though I'm pretty sure that such jobs pay minimum wage and, probably a commission.

It's very humid here today. There's a cold front approaching from the west, but it's not due to be here until the weekend. Still, it's a nice day. The breeze is cooling when one can be in a position to catch it.

I have my Ambassador class this afternoon, at the Emergency Operations Center in the Police Station. I know that it will be cool there, chance to get away from the humidity for a while.

So, lots to do yet today. I'll be back later with more.

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