Wednesday, March 02, 2005


I wrote about our canaries a few days ago. Jack never came back, so we are hoping that Zoe will take a liking to Sunshine -- Sunny, as we've taken to calling him

We spent about $100 so far, the biggest part of it for a new cage, a dividable one in case Zoe has babies. She's only about three months old. The owner of Pampered Pets, Raoul, said that Zoe is too young, but we'll know by next December whether she's going to be successful in breeding with Sunshine. He will have a hard time when it comes time to mate, since his missing foot will make it hard for him to mount Zoe. In fact, Raoul asked how we knew that Zoe is even a female. He says that you can't tell the sex of a canary until they are about nine months old.

Janet is fascinated with the birds. She has set them up beautifully in their new home, with lots of treat dishes, a bathtub, different-sized perches. They get fresh food and water every day, cucumber slices, lettuce, grapes.

Lucky birds. Jack doesn't know what he's missing.

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