Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Harris Survey

I skimmed the Harris Survey results last night. A few things in the survey surprised me. I'll focus in on a few of them over the next several days. If you live in Key West, I'd highly recommend it as a way to get a focus on what some of the issues of the day and concerns about the future are among your neighbors on the island.

I'm impressed by the methodology used as well, not that there's any surprise in that. Lou Harris is the retired (but still active) dean of American pollsters. Though no longer the owner of the famous polling company that bears his name, Harris, a Key West resident, is a principal of the Peter Harris Research Group. The expenses of the survey were picked up by a group of private citizens. Ed Block, a retired business executive, managed the survey process and recently presented the results at a meeting of the Key West Neighborhood Association.

Clicking on the Title will either display or download a complete copy of the 73-page survey, depending on how your browser is configured.

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