Monday, March 21, 2005

Stormy Monday -- no way!

No, it isn't stormy at all. It's a beautiful day, sunny, warm (but not too warm, at least not yet). The air is dry. We've had alternating periods of dry and humid. I prefer dry.

We're off to mile marker 25 in a few minutes, to have lunch at Fishcutters restaurant, a recommendation from George and Susan. Then, I'll stay in the car and try to finish my current read, Devil's Advocate by Taylor Caldwell while Janet does a bit of food shopping once we get back to the Rock. Caldwell is one of my favorite authors, though she's now long dead. I bought a small collection of her novels that I haven't read yet on eBay a while back. My book reading is running in long cycles. I hadn't read a book in a couple months until I went to New Mexico; I've read a half-dozen since then.

We're back, having been gone for about four hours. The fish at Fishcutters was outstanding. We had Po' Boys. Janet had snapper and I fried dolphin (the fish, not the mammal). Sandwiches come with home-made potato chips, that neither of us cared much for, and mango cole slaw that was quite good. Janet had clam chowder (necks only) and I ordered a side of fried plantains -- very tasty.

We don't get off the island very often. Mile marker 25 is the furthest distance we've gone together from Key West since last May. Today's trip was for the express purpose of having lunch at Fishcutters. The shopping was just because we would be on the boulevard coming home, thus eliminating the need to make a separate trip there.

We've begun to make plans for our April visitors. I'd like to take Cameron (and Amanda and Betty if they care to go) kayaking while they're here, and friends are going to arrange for a parasail and/or snorkeling trip. Betty will probably want to do a half-day charter fishing excursion too. Three full days and two half-days just isn't enough time, but it's all that would fit into the kids school and sports schedules.

Yesterday, Sunday, after our Bible study in the morning, Janet and I went to a program at the Tropic Cinema, a joint effort between the Key West Film Society and the Bahama Village Music Program. Yesterday's program was on the topic of Gospel music, its history and the effects it has had on popular music. We watched a film made in 1982, Say Amen, Somebody, a documentary featuring Thomas J, Dorsey, the man credited with first writing what are essentially sacred hymns set to a rhythm not usually associated with sacred music; and also featuring Willie May Ford Smith, a woman who was the model for generations of Gospel singers who followed her. It was an unfortunate accident of scheduling that the program was held at 1:00 PM on Palm Sunday. The student teachers, at whom the program is primarily directed, were absent en masse, due in part to church services that tend to run long on that day.

There are two more events scheduled in the program. Thanks to a grant from the Mockingbird Foundation, a fan-based non-profit organization set up by fans of the now defunct jam band "Phish". The next program, on April 10, revolves around Rhythm & Blues, and just the Blues. Films featuring Lightnin' Hopkins will reflect on his decision early in life to take up a career in music, and on his reminiscences on his career later in his life. Another short film about drumming will also be shown. Then there'll be live performances of both the Blues and latin drumming by local musicians.

The final event comes in May, on the 15th, and will focus on Rock n' Roll, and features a two-hour film from 1965 called "The T.A.M.I. Show". T. A. M. I. is for Teenage Awards Music International. I'm assured that it is a terrific movie. The 7.3 rating at iMDB suggests that it is.

So, now the day is done, time for me to ride to Southard St. to get some $$$ from the ATM, check the P.O. Box, and go to home to rest up from a busy weekend. I might have more to say about that later.

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