Friday, April 08, 2005

The Eagle Flies on Friday

But not this Friday. Janet gets paid bi-weekly, so she won't get her pay until next Friday. I get paid whenever I bill a client for some work I've done, and I'm in the middle of that work cycle at the moment.

Suddenly, I'm beginning to pick up more work than I'm comfortable taking on. I have my gig with Tracy, which I'm trying to keep under 15 hours a week. I did a couple of hours of work with Judith this week; the new manager at Purple Baby Daddies called about getting some Mac consulting and for help with the in-store PC; Carole is having problems with her Mac iBook and needs to get her data from the hard drive so she can send it back to Apple for service. Captain Bill is on a run in a sea-going tug from Jacksonville to Key West and won't be back for a few more days. Bill's the guy who got me upgraded from my iBook G3 to a newer G4 with more memory and more hard drive space. I owe him for that, so we're working it off in consulting and support time, for him and his friends.

There was a board meeting of the Bahama Village Music Program this week, and I went to my Ambassador class at the police station yesterday. My goal is to devote no more than 20 hours to work-for-money, and 10 hours to "electives", things I commit to do because I'm interested in them.

Between Janet's pay and what I bring in, we're within the margins of INCOME greater than OUTGO, though not by a lot. Rent ($1400) is a given. We eat out (or order in) 3-4 times a week. Two or three beers is my norm when we go out for music, once or twice a week. Janet (God love her) can nurse one drink for a couple of hours.

We didn't need to tap the savings pool this month, and have hopes of adding to it over the next few months. I haven't begun to draw from our IRA that holds the proceeds from my Honeywell 401K. At 65, I can now earn an unlimited amount without affecting my Social Security income.

So, all in all, life remains good (and affordable) in the fabulous Florida Keys.

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