Thursday, April 14, 2005

Florida Bark Scorpion

Florida Bark Scorpion

Florida Bark Scorpion
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Janet shouted for me from the bathroom the other day. "There's a scorpion in here! Come and get him out!" So I did. I took an empty plastic yogurt snack container, put it over him (or her; I can't tell the difference), and slid the lid underneath the container.

There's something primally scary about a scorpion, like there is about a snake. See one, be threatened by one, and your heart rate goes up and you get that feeling in the stomach that says, "watch out, flee".

Scorpions, as I've mentioned before, are a delicacy for chickens. Katha pays one dollar each for them and usually has a few in the dry aquarium that sits on the counter at the chicken lounge. One may also, for a donation of five dollars, put a scorpion on the floor of the lounge and watch the chickens make short work of it as it tries to escape.

Ah, nature at its evolutionary peak. Eat or be eaten. Kill or be killed.

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