Tuesday, April 19, 2005


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Theo's brother Cor (Cornelius) is visiting from The Netherlands fro a few days. This is a picture of Theo (Theodorus), Diane and Cor taken at the Taste of Key West event we went to last night at the Truman Waterfront (not-yet-a) park.

It was, as I said, our first time attending this particular event. We arrived at 5:30 and waited in line for a half-hour for the gates to open. We bought $34 in tickets and a wine glass for $6. Food and beverages were "selling" for between three and five tickets. By the end of the night (actually, by 7:30 when we decided to go home) we had two tickets left and gave them to someone passing by.

There were lots of booths and many different dishes and wine brands and varieties to try. I settled for a pulled pork sandwich from the Meteor Smokehouse, while Janet sampled eggplant from Antonios and gazpacho from Chico's Cantina. She and I shared tasting three wines, a couple of chardonnays and a pinot grigio, all of which were acceptably good. I also quaffed a Miller Light, since Miller had the beer franchise locked up.

It was a pretty night on the waterfront. I tried to imagine what it will be like out there when the plans for the Waterfront Park are finally realized. There was some parking available at the site, but I'd venture that half or more of the people there arrived either on foot or by bicycle (we were on bicycle too). There was a tangle of bikes chained to the fence of one of the parking areas and, as we left, a large number of bikes along Southard St. inside of Truman Annex.

Done right, I feel that the park is going to become a real asset to the community. Done wrong, it'll be a thorn in everyone's side. The decisions are yet to be made official, but one can't help but believe that many of them have already been made in camera by those in the know, the Commissioners, the consultants, and the developers and business people who stand to gain from the commercial aspects of the project.

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