Friday, April 22, 2005

Live, From Schooner Wharf .... once again

I'm writing from Schooner Wharf on this lovely Friday afternoon, first time in a long time that I've done so. There's a good crowd here today. Michael McCloud is singing and playing. I'm here to meet up with a couple of friends who've promised to try to get us passage on a parasail boat and on the Schooner America for our daughter and grandkids, who arrive on Monday afternoon.

We were here last night on the same mission, but neither friend was working, so we ate and listened to the music for while before heading home early.

The days roll on as they have been for the past two weeks: sunny, cool (for this time of year), dry, in short, just about perfect.

I call your attention today to the article titled "Undoing the Social Order" by Mark Howell on the front page of Solares Hill. Howell is skilled at getting to the heart of a matter, underneath the visible surface. He writes today about the 4-2 decision by the City Commission to approve the Watermark development. Good reading.

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