Monday, April 11, 2005

Merile McCoy

It's another beautiful day here, fair skies, following winds, and low humidity. We did some clean-up around the house together this morning and Janet left for the shopping areas around 11:30. I'm at the Coffee Plantation, talking to Theo and Rick, and to "Will" who I just met a few minutes ago. He's carrying a Macintosh Powerbook, as is one of the two women on the porch who work on one of the cruise ships in port today. I gave them both an assist that turned out to be successful. On the other hand, I have an ongoing problem with the wireless connection at the Coffee Plantation that is giving me fits. I can connect to the wireless network here some of the time. At other times, I get an error message that can usually be cleared by Theo doing a power cycle on the wireless router in the internet room.

Merile McCoy, City Commissioner for District II, passed away from cancer on Saturday. She was a real dynamo as Commissioner over the past ten years, a true lover of the real Key West, having grown up here, living in the lighthouse keeper's quarters on Whitehead St.. (She wrote of playing with Ernest Hemingway's sons at the lighthouse.) Ms. McCoy wrote a column for one of the papers here -- I forget at the moment which one, maybe the City Paper which is not publishing at the moment -- in which she would tell tales of the old Key West, before it became what it is today.

R.I.P., Merile. Your energy and spirit will be missed.

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