Monday, April 18, 2005

Monday, Monday

The days come one after another, cool, dry, sunny, blue skies.

I was humming and whistling the tune of Camelot as I bicycled around town, and hearing the lyrics in my head:
"In short there's simply not,
a more congenial spot,
for happy ever-aftering,
than here in Camelot."

After Bible study yesterday, we did some things around and about the house. Deep vacuuming, including upstairs in the loft; washed the couch covers; some tree and shrub trimming on the patio; all this 'Spring cleaning' in preparation for the arrival of our daughter Betty, and grandchildren Amanda and Cameron, next Monday. We haven't seen them since leaving New Hampshire just shy of a year ago, so we're very eager for their visit.

It was very quiet here at the Coffee Plantation when I arrived at 8:45, but now, at 9:30, the traffic is increasing, both here and out on the street. Tourist traffic is very definitely down from what it was just last week. The cruise ships continue to come of course, but many of the snowbirds have gone north for the summer, Spring Break is, for practical purposes, over, and the day trippers and weekend visitors are less numerous, though not gone entirely.

So, yeah, "Monday, Monday, so good to me". So far, anyway.

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