Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Politics Update

Carmen Turner won't run for re-election as Commissioner for District 6, the Bahama Village district. Carmen has been Commissioner for 10 years, since being appointed by Governor Lawton Chiles to replace a Commissioner removed by Chiles for taking bribes. She is generally recognized for being a dedicated, effective public servant, and hasn't ever been accused, or even suspected, of any kind of even faintly shady dealing (as far as I know). It's widely held that Carmen is seriously interested in running in 2006 for the seat in the House of Representatives which will be vacated by Ken Sorensen under the Florida term limits law.

I've updated my previous post, Politics in Paradise, to reflect the line-up as I now know it, and in view of Ms. Turner's announcement. Also, I've put in Bill Verge, a member of the Planning Board, as an announced candidate for the District 1 (Oosterhoudt) seat on the Commission.

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