Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Poppa Neutrino

I received the following e-mail from Katha Sheehan today:

Watch for the New Yorker Magazine's story on Poppa Neutrino (William David Pearlman) this fall.

Born on the San Francisco streets, became a musician in New Orleans, raised a familiy in a cardboard box in Manhattan. Now 71 years young, he remains a self-described "urban Aborigine."

He already crossed the Atlantic and rafted the Mississippi in similar crafts. I met him in Key West when he offered his help on my mayoral campaign. He had just rafted there from Cuba but that time, the National Geo Explorer people renegged on their promise to buy his film, and he was destitute. I gave him my dog (they fell in love) and my car (a 96 Nissan van whose a/c had died), so he named his new craft the Island Rooster."

He plans to cross the Pacific this year. Alone, if necessary. Why? For the voyage, I guess.

This guy is an inspiration to anyone who believes you can no longer "be anything you want to be," or run away and join the circus. I hope he will inspire you too.


Click Here: Check out "Island Rooster

I've spoken with Katha in the past about Poppa Neutrino. He is someone who made an impact on her, obviously, as well as on others. I must learn more.

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