Sunday, April 17, 2005

Watermark Update

Approval of the Watermark project is on the City Commission agenda for Tuesday's meeting. Indications are that the Commissioners will vote to approve the project as it currently is designed, although it is certain that this meeting, whatever its outcome, will not be the final word spoken on the matter.

I remain firmly on the side of the opposition. The Watermark buildings are completely and utterly out of scale with the buildings that will surround it in the City's Historic Waterfront District. A letter to the editor on the matter is also in the paper today.

The Commission meeting happens to coincide with a special event, Dotty Flowers' 40th birthday, for which a party is on our agenda. I'll try to juggle both, but the party is more important to me personally than attending the meeting is.

On Monday, we'll be attending the annual Taste of Key West, which is being held for the first time at the Truman Waterfront park. It's usually a major event, but one that we've never attended. It should be on a scale and of a character similar to Cayo Carnival, which we did go to last fall. Food booths from many of the major restaurants in town, featuring their specialities, wines from around the world, music, and several thousand people, some of whom we will know.

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