Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Winter People

George & Susan & Yogi, their dog, are leaving for their Pennsylvania home early tomorrow morning. They, like some others, leave their Key West home, vacant during their absence. They'll be back in October, they say, to over-winter for the third (or fourth) year. In addition to their home outside of Philadelphia, they also own a beach-side home on the Jersey shore.

There are quite a few people like George & Susan who own property here. For the most part, I think, these owners are the ones who truly love the real Key West. Unlike "The Investors", who buy something here with the express intention of selling, of "flipping" it to others, perhaps others like themselves who play the role of "greater fool" in the eternal game that investors play.

They left their keys with Theo and Diane from the Coffee Plantation, with whom they are very good friends, and who will keep tabs on the house through the summer. The house, a very small place, is just behind the Bahama Market, where the Coffee Plantation is located. They've been invited to make use of the house as a place to freshen up, or to stay when they don't want to make the drive back to Sugarloaf Key on some days.

It was nice of George & Susan to offer. It makes for a win-win situation for all concerned. The very best kind of situation.

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