Sunday, May 29, 2005

An Anniversary Overlooked

We arrived back in Key West one year and six days ago today. We overlooked that anniversary until the day after it occurred. Belatedly now, I want to recognize it and reflect on it a little bit.

First thing: we're very happy to back "home" in Key West. Janet often tells people, "Bob loves Key West. I just like it." A couple of weeks ago, coming home from a late-night stop at the Green Parrot on our bicycles, she let it slip out: "I love living here", she said. It was a beautiful night. We'd spent the early evening at Schooner Wharf for Little Boy's return to the stage there. Now we were headed back home. The lights on Whitehead St. outlined the trees. The moon was just past full. The scent of night-blooming jasmine was faint in the air, but detectable. I asked Janet to repeat what she just said.

"What?", she answered.

"What you just said about living here."

I realized that her words had slipped out, and that she didn't realize she said it. When I told her, she smiled and said, "Well, it is nice here." I decided to be satisfied with that.

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