Thursday, May 26, 2005

Bubba Busts

Capt. Rick came in a while ago. He's been following the Duck Tours saga closely. He's been here in Key West for at least 18 years, maybe longer, so this stuff happened in real-time for him. He tried to tell me the story of the Bubba Bust in 1995, but it was too confusing to understand all the details -- names, places, who busted whom, etc.

The conversation prompted me to look up a book I've heard of but not read, Bubba Justice.

Here's a quick review of it from 2003:

As a Key West resident of over 10 years, and loving the book, I am buying 3 more copies! Actually, the book is more about Monroe County & City government than just about Key West. Everyone moving to the Keys should be required to read this book, to prevent cultural shock. I hope there is going to be a Part 2! Mr. Burch, PLEASE send a copy to Governor Bush and to Bill O'Reilly of the O'Reilly Factor. There are plenty of more victims, and no relief in sight.

I'm on my way to the library now to pick up a copy.

We discussed the possibility of a citizen-organized fund-raising drive -- maybe we could call it the Duck Fund -- with citizens raising money by meeting each cruise ship to solicit contributions from our visitors to help us pay the judgement to Duck Tours Seafari. If we could get each passenger to donate just $13, we'd have it paid off in a year.


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