Monday, May 30, 2005

Bubba Justice

"As we researched this book, we were constantly impressed at how far the tentacles of bubbaism reach. We assumed that Key West and the County governments would be the most infested. We knew it extended to an inner circle of developers, builders, contractors, realtors, and financial interests. We expected it to extend to a network of older and/or richer tourist industry operators. We were not disappointed.
Bubba Justice in Key West (Pooping on the Public in Paradise). Hobart and Jan Burch. Dageford Publishing, Inc., Lincoln, NE. 1999.

I've finished the book. It's only 143 pages and is written in an easy style that makes it a quick read. I was disappointed that the authors found it necessary to mask the identities of the people actually involved in the cases they described. Oh, I understand why they did it. I might have done the same, to avoid getting tied up in the bubba justice system. I might also have left the Keys, as they chose to do. From the introduction: "... we did not dare to write this book until, due to unrelated circumstances, we moved."

P.S. Here is another bubba story I found in my research.

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