Saturday, May 07, 2005

The Citizen's Voice

I'm posting live from Schooner Wharf this morning. Michael McCloud is setting up for his gig, scheduled to begin in a few minutes. I've been moving about town on my bicycle since about 9 AM, after getting a couple of jolts of caffeine at the Coffee Plantation. A trip to the cleaners with my pants for the wedding next weekend, to Strunk's for a bulb for my bicycle light, the post office to see if Janet's Mother's Day package arrived from New Hampshire, and a quick stop at Tracy's office to see if he picked up the invoices and the QuickBooks file from yesterday.

From Strunk's I rode by the steam plant, where construction is underway on the market rate and "affordable" housing going in there, and through the ferry terminal to check it out, then along the harbor walk between the Conch Harbor Marina and Monty's. I didn't realize how huge the Monty's complex is. I've said before that I think the developers have visions of that kind of place all around the Key West Bight. As far as I know, Schooner Wharf still doesn't have a lease with the city, and their current lease may have already expired, so it might be operating on a month-to-month basis.

(Michael kicks off with Here Comes the Sun.)

Regular reader John asked my opinion of the discussion about the Citizen's Voice in that column and in letters to the editor. I enjoy reading the voice. I turn to it as soon as I've scanned the headlines, then its the Police Reports, and then the rest of the paper.

It's true that the comments, made anonymously, are frequently negative, or at least critical. (There are people who complain if they don't have something to complain about.) I'm not even sure how the subject -- getting rid of the Citizen's Voice -- came up. I have an impression that the editors raised it themselves, but I didn't see the original item, so I'm not sure. I'm not so sure that it's a freedom of speech issue, John. Yes, we have that freedom guaranteed in the Constitution, but we don't have the right to insist that a privately-owned newspaper carry that speech. One hopes that they will, of course. And one also hopes, no insists, that they have the right to publish (or not) as they choose.

(Michael now doing Procol Harum's Whiter Shade of Pale.)

(Now it's Blackbird by McCartney and the Beatles.)

(Treetop Flyer by Buffett.)

(The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.)

Michael ends his first set with "She's Got a Butt". No link available.

Now it's time to go to Carole's on a tech support call, then to the Chicken Store for more of the same.

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