Monday, May 09, 2005


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Barry Cuda is on stage at Schooner Wharf, and we're sitting here having a drink. Janet's off work today, and we came down to deliver thank you cards and gifts to a couple of people who were nice to Betty and the kids while they were here last week.

We also came to see Greer. Her parents are arriving Wednesday, and Janet got them some discount tickets for one of the attractions here. She wants us to meet them, says we'll get along well with them. Since Janet is working the rest of the week, we'll probably do something with them on Thursday evening.

We leave early Saturday morning to drive to the mainland, first such trip in the year we've been here. A niece is being married in Coconut Creek, up by Ft. Lauderdale, and some of Bob's family will be there, including his Mom who is coming from Albuquerque. It's her first trip back to Florida since moving to NM last year. Mom, 86, is nervous about making the trip. I've tried reassuring her that the airlines will take good care of her. I'm not sure that she believes me.

They better.

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