Friday, May 13, 2005

Hal O'Boyle

Hal O'Boyle, local libertarian iconoclast, has fallen a little behind in updating his blog. The last post there was on April 10, though his weekly column continues to appear in Key West the Newspaper. I'd like to point you to this week's effort as it has a distinctly local slant on an important national issue. This short excerpt will have to do for now. One hopes that Hal will catch up in posting before long.

The headline this week is "The WOT Comes to Key West". Here are the first two paragraphs:

The friendly winds of the War on Terror (WOT) are blowing bureaucrats and freshly printed cash into sunny Key West like a hurricane driving flotsam across the Straits of Florida. Where security from terror is concerned, money is no concern.
There's an excellent example on the north shore of our little island. On the hallowed ground under a legendary watering hole where local heavy hitters once gathered at the corner of the bar, the high rollers of the Department of Homeland Security are building a shrine to the WOTG. In the true spirit of the Old Key West, the DHS has a free spending style reminiscent of the heady days when the engine of our economy ran on tightly wrapped bales."

and this,

"How did an organization that thinks like DHS become responsible for protecting us from terrorists? Simple. All government organizations think that way -- like people who want the best because someone else is paying for it. Could outfits that are so very stupid with money be somehow devilishly clever at outwitting terrorists? Let's hope so."

What he writes about is the new Immigration and Customs Enforcement building now being erected on the site of the former Hukilau Restaurant on N. Roosevelt Boulevard, on the edge of the commercial district that begins at the Overseas Market and stretches to the Sears Plaza and beyond to the curve onto Route 1 north at Cow Key Channel. DHS will lease the 11,000 square foot building from a local developer for a million dollars a year, five times, Hal points out, the going rate for similar commercial property.

Meanwhile, you can catch up on his uniquely libertarian view of things by reading some of his earlier postings. I don't always agree with what Hal says, but I admire how he says it.

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