Friday, May 27, 2005


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You might have noticed the flowers and plants that are showing up over there on the right, underneath the list of latest posts.

They are red hibiscus, a tree with showy flowers that bloom and drop profusely pretty much all year long. Between the tree and the bougainvillea that grows into our patio from the neighboring yard and over our gate, I have to sweep the patio every day, sometimes twice a day. The bougainvillea drops a much smaller, purple flower, and both litter the patio garden and walkway.

Now, I mean litter in the good way. The flowers are really pretty, and I love seeing the tree early in the morning when they begin to open, enjoy the sun for a while, then quietly drop to the ground to make room for a new blossom to grow out. We have to trim the hibiscus and the bougainvillea back every so often, as they begin to interfere with the gate and the patio door. Click on the picture to visit our photo files at There are other patio shots there.

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